EXPOSED: Hunter Biden’s Jaw-Dropping $1 Million Monthly Legal Battle – Who’s Funding This?

The legal battleground surrounding Hunter Biden has recently intensified, with the financial implications of his legal battles garnering significant attention.

Legal experts suggest that these legal skirmishes could be costing him an astonishing $1 million every month, according to a BBC report on Saturday, September 30.

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, finds himself at the epicenter of multiple lawsuits.

In addition to his ongoing clash with special counsel David Weiss, he has initiated at least four other legal proceedings.

These lawsuits span a wide spectrum, from allegations surrounding his infamous abandoned laptop to battles with notable figures.

Over the past month, Hunter Biden has aggressively pursued litigation against anyone linked to the dissemination of sensitive information from his abandoned laptop.

This legal offensive includes lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani and Robert Costello, the former mayor’s one-time attorney, along with legal action against Garrett Ziegler, a former White House aide whose nonprofit organization, Marco Polo, made data from Hunter Biden’s laptop publicly accessible.

Furthermore, Hunter Biden has initiated legal proceedings against the Internal Revenue Service, a government agency armed with substantial resources, and John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repair shop owner who initially acquired his abandoned laptop.

Hunter Biden remains entangled in a protracted legal showdown with US Attorney David Weiss, whose investigation into Hunter’s affairs continues even after his appointment as a special counsel.

Leading litigator Alan Dershowitz sheds light on the exorbitant billing rates in the legal world.

The foremost attorneys in New York and Washington charge approximately $2,000 per hour for their services, with other partners demanding between $1,000 and $1,800, and young associates commanding high hundreds.

Hunter’s lead attorney, Abbe Lowell of Winston and Strawn, would presumably be among the top earners in this high-stakes legal battle.

Alan Dershowitz, renowned Harvard Law Professor, theorizes that Hunter Biden’s monthly legal bills could potentially reach an astronomical $1 million.

The financial mystery surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal expenses deepens when one considers his previous financial challenges.

In 2018, he was financially distressed, relying on his father and uncle for financial assistance.

Furthermore, he argued for a reduction in child support payments to Lunden Roberts, citing changed financial circumstances.

Hunter Biden’s primary source of income, the $1.3 million from the sale of his paintings, raises questions about the origin of funds used to finance his legal battles.

Rudy Giuliani suggests that the Bidens may be drawing from a concealed fund.

Another potential financier is Kevin Morris, a prominent Hollywood entertainment lawyer who has previously settled Hunter Biden’s substantial tax debt and generously extended the use of his private jet.

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