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Horrible New Hunter Biden Texts Prove Just How Terrible of a Person He Really Is

Newly released text messages shed light on Hunter Biden’s troubling treatment of the mother of his child, painting an unfavorable picture of both him and his father. The texts show that Biden abruptly cut off communication with his then-pregnant girlfriend, Lunden Alexis Roberts, in 2018. After their baby was born, he not only ceased providing financial and medical support but also refused to acknowledge a photo of his newborn child.

In a text message on October 16, 2018, Roberts reached out to Biden, informing him of their baby’s birth and expressing her willingness to share pictures and details. She left the door open for Biden to be involved in their child’s life, acknowledging his likely desire to avoid the situation altogether.

These texts and other revelations about Biden’s lack of support and engagement with his own child have come to light during an ongoing court case in Arkansas. Roberts was compelled to take legal action to secure support for their child after Biden attempted to sever financial ties once again.

The child, Navy Joan Roberts, was confirmed to be Biden’s through DNA testing in 2019. Despite being legally determined as the father, Biden has disowned her since birth, evading responsibility at every turn.

Biden has employed various tactics and legal maneuvers to evade his obligations. He has claimed financial incapacity to fulfill child support duties, despite the substantial proceeds from selling his artwork for significant sums. Furthermore, he has been spotted using private jets to attend court proceedings.

The judge overseeing Biden’s case has grown weary of his obstructive behavior and now treats him as a hostile party. However, the court case pales in comparison to the reprehensible treatment Biden has subjected his own daughter to.

As the Washington Free Beacon pointed out, the text messages reveal that Hunter Biden cut off contact during Roberts’ pregnancy, terminated her salary and health insurance soon after she gave birth, and refused even to look at a picture of their daughter. Initially, he had placed Roberts on his company’s payroll, presumably to provide healthcare coverage during the pregnancy. The texts demonstrate that Roberts did not seek child support through legal channels until several months after Biden removed her from his company’s insurance coverage.

Biden has even misled others about his relationship with Roberts, claiming a lack of recollection due to his past struggles with addiction and multiple sexual partners. However, the text messages clearly indicate that they maintained contact during the early stages of Roberts’ pregnancy, discussing the impending arrival of their child. Biden also added Roberts to the payroll of one of his shell companies, Owasco P.C., to secure healthcare coverage for her during pregnancy.

When Roberts informed Biden of her decision to return to Arkansas, he had already severed all communication with her. Shortly afterward, he removed her from the payroll and cut off financial support.

It is disheartening to see such callous behavior from a father towards his own daughter. The apple may not fall far from the tree, as Joe Biden himself has also refused to acknowledge his granddaughter. In fact, both Joe and Jill Biden have supported Hunter’s unacceptable treatment of his child and their grandchild. Unfortunately, it appears that irresponsibility runs in the Biden family.

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