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How Michelle Obama Could ‘Replace’ Joe Biden

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Amidst the increasing indictments faced by Donald Trump, he and Biden find themselves in a statistical tie at 43% each, as revealed by a recent New York Times poll.

This outcome has undoubtedly unsettled Democrats, as traditional circumstances would dictate a considerable lead for the incumbent president over his opponent, particularly when the rival is contending with numerous criminal charges.

Notably, The New Republic, a liberal publication, has drawn attention to the potential scenario in which Trump prevails over Biden, delivering a clear warning to the Democratic camp.

The publication highlighted, “We are in a position where Trump could win the popular vote if polls are showing a dead heat but have the same amount of bias as in the past two general election cycles. If so, the possibility of Biden winning drops to effectively zero.”

The 2016 election saw Trump emerge victorious because his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was perceived as less well-known than he was.

In the present day, Joe Biden’s popularity is dwindling, with growing perceptions of corruption and concerns about his age affecting his presidential image.

Conversations in the British press have even raised the prospect of Michelle Obama stepping in as a replacement for Biden. Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley reported that conversations with foreign politicians suggested a widespread assumption that Biden wouldn’t be the Democratic nominee in 2024. The possibility of him withdrawing before the primaries and a more establishment-aligned candidate being chosen at the convention is being discussed.

Stanley observed that Kamala Harris, the Vice President, is unlikely to ascend to the top of the ticket due to her perceived lack of charisma and lightweight political stature.

Opting for Michelle Obama as a replacement would effectively extend the legacy of her husband’s administration.

“A Michelle Obama replacement would suggest he’s always been Barack’s third term, a conspiracy theory endorsed by Barack Obama in a 2021 interview. He said: ‘Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job’ begun by Obama and paused by Trump, noting that ‘ninety percent of the folks’ who worked for him are now back at their desks,” Stanley noted.

The potential implications of retaining Biden are acknowledged as potentially detrimental for the Democrats. Could Michelle Obama be contemplating a run in the 2024 race? Only time will tell.



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