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Influencer, 27, Hospitalized After Horse Falls on Top of Her at Ranch: ‘She’s Got a Long Road Ahead’

Emmie Sperandeo, a popular cowgirl with a significant following on social media platforms, has encountered a devastating incident that has wiped her memory of both her personal life and her successful career as a TikTok star, as reported by her family. While working on a ranch in Arizona, Emmie was involved in a severe accident last week.

A horse she was handling fell on top of her, resulting in two skull fractures. The impact caused a brain injury, leaving her unconscious for the majority of the past week. Updates on her social media accounts and an online fundraiser organized by her family have provided insights into her condition and ongoing medical expenses, according to KTVK and  CBS affiliate KPHO-TV.

In a TikTok post shared by Sperandeo’s family on May 23, they expressed their gratitude and shared the “good news” that her condition had improved enough for her to be transferred from the intensive care unit to the neurological ward. Although she is still facing uncertainties, her stability permits her to undergo speech and physical therapy in the neurology ward.

News of Emmie’s accident and injury spread rapidly throughout equestrian communities on social media. Countless followers sent letters of support to the 27-year-old cowgirl, prompting her family to request additional wall space at the hospital to display the overwhelming outpouring of support.

Well-wishers also flooded her social media pages and GoFundMe campaign. However, due to her brain injury, Emmie can only recall memories from approximately seven to 14 years ago, spanning her teenage to early adult years. Prior to this incident, Sperandeo was already in the process of recovering from a concussion sustained in April when she was thrown onto a fence railing by a bucking horse, as detailed in the GoFundMe page.

Throughout her hospital stay for the current injury, she has experienced periods of consciousness alongside ear bleeding and brain swelling, as noted in the fundraiser. The unpredictable nature of these injuries has become evident, and it seems she will require months to reach a satisfactory level of recovery. The post concludes with a request for continued support and well wishes to aid her swift recuperation.

Emmie’s father, Marino Sperandeo, recounted the incident, stating that the falling horse caused her head to forcefully strike the rocky ground, producing an impact that could be heard from a considerable distance. Recognizing his daughter’s resilience, he acknowledged the challenging road that lies ahead for her. The Sperandeo family, residing in Florida, is currently devising a plan to care for Emmie’s dog, three horses, and a young bison she had been raising. It appears that relocating the bison to Montana may be the most suitable arrangement, as reported by the station.


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