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Hillary Clinton Is ‘So Sad’ Donald Trump Could Rot In Prison

If anyone were to derive a sense of self-assured contentment from the series of indictments against former President Donald Trump, it would undoubtedly be Hillary Clinton.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump persistently vowed to imprison Clinton for her email protocol transgressions.

It’s worth noting that Clinton never faced indictment, though she did experience defeat in what could arguably be deemed one of the most unexpected upsets in recent political history.

The outcome of the 2016 election elevated Trump to a position of immense global significance while relegating Clinton to the sidelines.

Considering these circumstances, one might anticipate that Clinton would find a certain gratification in light of Trump’s recent legal woes.

Yet, during an MSNBC interview, Clinton clarified that she didn’t derive any “satisfaction” from Trump’s indictments. Instead, she expressed a “deep and profound sadness.” The question remains: is her sentiment truly genuine? Personally, I hold reservations. Here’s her perspective:

“I never thought that [this appearance] would come about in these circumstances—yet another series of indictments,” Clinton shared with host Rachael Maddow, accompanied by a chuckle. “It’s almost unbelievable. I don’t feel any satisfaction. What I feel is a tremendous and deep sadness that we are confronted with a former president facing numerous charges that struck at the core of our democracy’s survival.”

Delving further, she expounded: “[Trump] embarked on a path to deceive the United States of America and its citizens. He employed tactics of harassment, intimidation, and even threats. He, along with his allies, targeted state and local officials responsible for overseeing elections. Remarkably, we now find that they even tampered with voting machines, ironically pointing fingers at the very breaches they perpetrated.”

Clinton emphasized the wealth of publicly available evidence and commended the thoroughness of the ongoing investigation. However, she underscored that there’s no room for satisfaction in this context. The situation, according to her, constitutes a grave juncture in the nation’s history—a former president facing weighty charges.

She concluded: “Perhaps the only consolation is that our system is functioning. The endeavors of Donald Trump, his allies, and enablers to silence the truth, erode democracy—they are now exposed, and the pursuit of justice is underway.”

Upon scrutiny, Clinton’s stance seems far from impartial; rather, it echoes a decidedly political perspective on Trump’s array of indictments.

While it’s expected that politicians might impart a political tint to their interpretations, a significant concern lingers around the allegations against Trump—a hint of political bias taints many of them.

Regardless of whether Trump infringed the law, these cases bear the mark of partiality—casting a shadow, at least in the eyes of the public.

Given these circumstances, Clinton’s response seems somewhat biased. If she genuinely cared about the state of U.S. democracy, a more prudent approach would involve a stance that respects Trump’s presumption of innocence, acknowledges the functionality of the legal system, and underscores the gravity of the charges against him.

However, her narrative rapidly shifts towards the assertion that Trump attempted to undermine U.S. democracy and is now facing the repercussions.



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