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“illegitimate president” Hillary Clinton Breaks Down On ‘The View’, ‘I Hated Losing’ To Trump

Hillary Clinton, a two-time Democratic presidential candidate, expressed concerns about the potential consequences of another term for Donald Trump in the White House. In a recent interview on “The View,” she was asked to envision what a second Trump presidency might entail. She responded by stating that she believed it would have serious and adverse consequences for the United States.

Clinton, who had previously conceded the 2016 election and called for unity, reflected on her initial reaction to her loss and her willingness to give Trump a chance as president. However, she also acknowledged that she had been critical of his presidency, going so far as to label him an “illegitimate president.”

According to Clinton, her concerns about Trump’s actions and behavior during his first term had led her to believe that a second term would be even more problematic. She argued that he would likely surround himself with individuals who would unquestioningly support his policies, potentially leading to greater damage to the country.

During the interview, Clinton drew parallels between Trump and historical figures like Adolf Hitler, raising concerns about the erosion of democratic norms. She suggested that leaders who initially gain power through legitimate elections could later undermine democratic institutions, suppress opposition, and curtail press freedom. She also mentioned actions taken by Democratic governors during the COVID-19 pandemic and the treatment of January 6 Capitol protesters in relation to her concerns.

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton expressed her worries about the potential consequences of a second Trump presidency and urged people to take his intentions seriously. Her remarks stirred a strong reaction on social media.



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