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Her son’s death is considered suspicious, police left in disbelief when they discovered where the mother hid his body for 7 months!

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The discovery of a 10-year-old boy’s body stuffed in a garbage can in his mother’s garage has left the community shocked and seeking answers. The boy, named Zion, had been missing for seven months before his macabre fate was uncovered. An autopsy revealed the death to be suspicious and not natural, but police have not released further details.

The investigation was initiated following a tip, leading to the disturbing discovery. A neighbor expressed concern about the delay in finding the boy and questioned what tipped off the police. The neighbor shared their own experience with the overpowering smell of a dead raccoon in their backyard, emphasizing how it is difficult to comprehend how such a disturbing scene could go unnoticed for so long, told KWQC.

The mother, Susi, has been taken into custody and charged with concealment of a death, obstruction of justice, and failure to report the death of a child. A woman who tipped off the authorities revealed that she had previously made multiple calls to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) due to Susi’s odd comments about her son. During questioning, Susi allegedly lied to an officer about Zion’s whereabouts, claiming she had no son and that his birth certificate was fraudulent.

Neighbors expressed their shock, as they had seen what seemed like a happy family living in the house next door. The seemingly normal interactions, with two girls playing in the yard and waving to neighbors, gave no indication of the tragedy that had unfolded within the home, QCT reported

The cause of Zion’s death remains undisclosed, and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and the DCFS’s response are still unclear. The mother is being held on $500,000 bail pending a hearing on August 15. As the community mourns the loss of the young boy, they hope to find answers and seek justice for the heartbreaking incident.

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