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‘He’ll Violate It Immediately’: Trump Won’t Comply With ‘Gag Order’ Issued After Jack Smith Complains About Ex-prez’s Threats, Jesse Watters Predicts

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Fox News personality Jesse Watters has expressed his belief that former President Donald Trump would likely defy any potential “gag order” imposed by the judge overseeing his recent criminal case.

This revelation emerged during a discussion on Monday’s episode of The Five, where the Fox News panel delved into Trump’s latest indictment.

The conversation veered toward the recent development of Jack Smith, a Special Counsel, requesting the judge to implement a protective order in response to Trump’s social media threats.

Smith highlighted the potential adverse impact of Trump’s posts on witnesses and the fair administration of justice in the case. Smith’s motion sought to prevent Trump from disclosing case details.

Watters, during the conversation with co-host Greg Gutfeld, mentioned that the judge had rejected Trump’s request to extend the deadline for responding to Smith’s motion for the “gag order.”

Watters shared his anticipation by stating, “I’m sure if he does get the gag order, I’m sure he’ll violate it immediately. He will, and he’ll dare the judge to do something about it.”

In response to the ongoing legal developments, Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to unleash his criticism against his political opponent, Joe Biden, Jack Smith, and the Department of Justice.

He accused them of orchestrating efforts to curtail his First Amendment rights through the proposed court order.

Trump wrote, “So, based on yet another Radical Left Hoax, I’ll be the only ‘Politician’ in American history not allowed to SPEAK. THE NEVER ENDING WITCH HUNT CONTINUES. MAGA!”

As previously reported, Trump has recently been indicted by Jack Smith and his team, who are part of the Department of Justice. The indictment accuses Trump and his associates of attempting to interfere with the 2020 election results.

Additionally, Trump faces criminal charges in New York in connection with alleged hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels and a separate case related to alleged mishandling of classified documents.

Furthermore, another indictment is anticipated to be filed in Georgia within the upcoming weeks.



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