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‘If I Could Have Took That Bullet for Them, I Would Have’: Heartbroken Mother Processes 9-Year-Old Son Fatally Shot While Watching ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ In Living Room

A family in Nevada is grieving the death of their elder son, who was shot and killed while watching “SpongeBob SquarePants” with his younger brother. The grieving mother stated, “If I could have taken that bullet for them, I would have,” even though she desperately wants justice.

Before six o’clock on March 7th, shots pierced the wall of the flat where SirArmani Clark, 9, and Honor Tate, 6, were watching cartoons. Both kids suffered injuries. According to reports, the smaller child was beaten in the leg while the older sibling was assaulted in the head.

Justine Tate, the boys’ mother, was in a separate room when the tragedy happened, Fox5 Vegas said. We leap from our beds and dash toward the living room. We could hear Honor sighing. Armani is silent. He says nothing at all. At this time, all Tate could picture was her baby’s head drooping and falling to one side.

The kids were taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center after the incident. When Sir Armani arrived, he was immediately pronounced dead. Less than a week after the two kids’ arrival from their birthplace of Reno in Las Vegas, there was a shooting. Tate found new work in the region, so the family relocated to Sin City.

A GoFundMe page created the day following SirArmani’s untimely death has already garnered approximately $20,000 of its $50,000 target. At this moment of need, the mother pleaded with the public to help their family. She stated, “I never in a million years thought I’d have to bury my lovely 9-year-old son.

“My children didn’t deserve any of this,” I said, “but he was amazing and if you knew my son then you knew that his grin would brighten up the darkest house.” Honor, her kid, who looked up to his older brother, is one of her main worries. She said that the whole experience had “traumatized” him. He has such severe trauma. He does not want to go outside.

He said, “Mother, I want Armani,” as soon as I went to tend to his wounds yesterday, according to Justine. According to Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Jason Johansson, the shooting is thought to have originated from a nearby residence. The gunshot did not seem to be deliberate, the officer told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the newspaper reported on March 8.

Johansson stated, “To me, at this point, it does not appear like this residence was targeted, but we’ll have to determine that via our investigation. A neighbor who authorities suspect to be responsible for the gunshot has been detained, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, although he has not yet been prosecuted. Authorities said the guy is a convicted criminal who shouldn’t have had access to a handgun, even though his identity hasn’t been made public.

“He is out there showing off with a rifle, and then pulls the trigger on the gun and murders one kid and hospitalizes another,” Sheriff Kevin McMahill told the Review-Journal this week. A few weeks prior to the shooting, the suspect was detained in a narcotics raid and charged with possessing 500 fentanyl tablets, according to McMahill.

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