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Grandfather kills grandson in obsession to marry daughter-in-law

A shocking incident unfolded as Nazir Ahmed, a heartless grandfather, committed an unimaginable crime. He abducted his six-year-old grandson, Ghulam Mustafa, with a sinister motive in mind. Ahmed sought to manipulate his son by demanding that he divorce his own wife so that Ahmed could marry her. To further his twisted agenda, he resorted to threatening harm to Mustafa.

Unfortunately, Ahmed’s sinister desires were not fulfilled, leading him to commit an unfathomable act. In a display of extreme cruelty, he brutally murdered his innocent grandson and heartlessly disposed of the child’s body near a drain.

However, the wheels of justice were set into motion. With the aid of modern technology and unwavering determination, the police launched an intensive pursuit of the perpetrator. Their relentless efforts paid off when they successfully apprehended Ahmed, ensuring that he would face the full consequences of his monstrous crime. The police are committed to ensuring that the perpetrator receives a severe punishment that matches the gravity of his actions.

In a separate recent case, the police have announced a significant breakthrough in the investigation of a murder in Badami Bagh. A man named Ahsan was tragically shot and killed by two unidentified motorcyclists near Malik Park by Umar Farooq Mosque on April 19. Following a complaint filed by Ahsan’s brother, Ghulam Hussain, the police initiated an investigation and registered a murder case.

In a major development, the police have now apprehended two shooters responsible for Ahsan’s murder. The shooters have admitted their guilt, providing details that reveal they were hired by the victim’s wife and her brother. Allegedly, the wife and her brother paid the gunmen to carry out this heinous act. The police are determined to ensure that all individuals involved in this crime face the full weight of the law.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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