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The girlfriend, who is also married to the boyfriend’s son, killed her boyfriend and then ‘removed his head’ after he allegedly tried to force her to perform this!

A 45-year-old woman, later identified as Devyn, has been arrested and taken into custody on charges of allegedly murdering her 46-year-old boyfriend, Jonathan. Disturbing details have emerged surrounding the incident, indicating that she reportedly decapitated the victim.

The tragic discovery was made by the victim’s mother, who found his headless body wrapped in blankets and stained with blood in his bed. The mother promptly called 911 to report the gruesome scene, though it remains uncertain whether she noticed the decapitation.

When responding officers arrived at the man’s residence in Henderson, they encountered the body emitting smoke and a strong odor of chemicals, believed to be bleach and ammonia. This suggested that these substances may have been used on the remains, raising further questions about the nature of the crime.

Investigations have revealed that the suspect, Devyn, allegedly committed the murder after her boyfriend allegedly attempted to coerce her into engaging in a sexual act. In initial interviews with investigators, Devyn denied any involvement in the killing and claimed she had left her boyfriend’s home on the night of his death.

However, she later admitted to striking Jonathan on the head with a wooden stick after he made unwanted advances, expressing that her intention was to incapacitate him. Police have not yet located the victim’s head, and the presence of chemicals around the body suggests that attempts were made to alter the evidence.

Devyn also shared during interviews that she did not live with Jonathan, her former boyfriend, but they were considering reconciling and moving in together for the sake of their two daughters. Devyn further disclosed that she and Jonathan’s son had entered a marriage of convenience a couple of years ago to assist each other.

She alleged that Jonathan had a history of abusive behavior, including allegations that he made his oldest child shower in his presence. On the night of his death, his behavior reportedly escalated when he allegedly attempted to coerce Devyn into a sexual act.

Reacting at the moment, Devyn claimed to have used a wooden stick to strike him on the back of the head. While she did not admit to decapitating him, the seriousness of the situation led to her being taken into custody and charged with murder.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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