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This Girl Was Told Her Brain Tumor Was Inoperable, But when it was time to Gauge the Results…

A heart-wrenching story unfolded for a Texas family when their daughter was informed that her brain tumor was inoperable. However, the devastating news took an unexpected turn during the follow-up assessment, leaving doctors puzzled. Eleven-year-old Roxley Doss, an ordinary child who enjoyed attending church and spending time with horses, found herself thrust into the world of hospitals and exhausting treatments as her condition worsened.

Initially dismissing her symptoms as a bad headache, Roxley’s pain persisted and intensified over time. Concerned about their young daughter experiencing persistent migraines, her parents decided to consult their family physician. Tests were conducted to identify the cause of her recurring headaches.

Tragically, the lab results revealed an extremely rare tumor known as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a form of childhood cancer. The location of the tumor at the base of Roxley’s brain and on top of her spine made it impossible to remove surgically. Doctors explained the devastating effects the disease would have on Roxley’s body, including decreased abilities to swallow, see, and speak, eventually leading to difficulty breathing.

While there was no known cure, radiation treatment was suggested to extend Roxley’s time. However, her family sought a second opinion, hoping for a misdiagnosis due to the rarity of DIPG. Despite consulting renowned children’s cancer centers across the country, the consensus confirmed the initial diagnosis. The grim reality was that Roxley’s bodily functions would progressively deteriorate, and patients with DIPG typically survive an average of nine months.

Refusing to accept this bleak prognosis, Roxley’s family clung to their unwavering hope, seeking support from their church community and exploring all possible treatment options. They became a regular presence at Dell Children’s Medical Center, enduring rigorous radiation sessions and the accompanying side effects. Throughout the challenging process, Roxley maintained a positive spirit, buoyed by her family’s faith and the support of their community.

After completing the radiation treatments, Roxley underwent an MRI to assess the tumor’s response. The results astounded the medical team, as the scans revealed a complete absence of the tumor. It had vanished entirely, defying the odds and making medical history. Roxley became the first DIPG patient to have a tumor fully eliminated through radiation therapy. To her family, it was undoubtedly a miraculous outcome.

The Doss family firmly believed in the healing power of God, attributing Roxley’s recovery to divine intervention. Despite the statistical probabilities, they held on to their prayers and hope. While the medical community found Roxley’s case fascinating, with no traces of the tumor visible, explanations for the extraordinary outcome remain uncertain.

For now, Roxley will continue to undergo regular scans and tests to monitor any potential recurrence. To prevent regrowth, she is receiving immunotherapy, a newer cancer treatment that harnesses the body’s own cells to combat the disease. Encouragingly, Roxley has bounced back, maintaining a positive attitude and proving that hope can triumph over the darkest of diagnoses. Medical certainties are never absolute, and Roxley’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience and unwavering faith.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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