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Former VP Mike Pence Discusses Strategy for Upcoming Debate

Former Vice President Mike Pence took to the airwaves on Sunday, offering insights into his strategy for the upcoming Republican primary debate and reflecting on his role as former President Donald Trump’s loyal vice president.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” Pence shed light on his approach to the debate stage and his perspective on his tenure in the Trump administration.

Addressing the query about his debate strategy, Pence acknowledged his past experience with nationally televised debates and expressed his intention to remain authentic.

He noted, “I’ve had a little bit of experience with nationally televised debates. But it’s different with a group on stage. Look, I’m just going to be me. I feel like I’ve been preparing for this first Republican presidential debate my whole life.”

He emphasized his commitment to his own identity while outlining his journey from vice president to a potential presidential candidate.

Pence delved into his recognition on a national scale while acknowledging a level of unfamiliarity among the broader public. He remarked, “Most people know me as that loyal vice president who fought alongside President Trump until the day came that my oath to the Constitution required me to stand apart.

” He further highlighted his extensive experience as a congressman and governor, using it as a foundation for his candidacy.

Amid discussions of his own strategy, Pence also expressed hope that former President Trump, who has declined participation in the first Republican primary debate, would still decide to attend.

Despite their differences, Trump and Pence had been a key political partnership during their tenure in the White House.

Pence’s time as vice president was not without its challenges, particularly the events surrounding the certification of electoral votes from disputed states.

Pence responded to criticism from Trump, explaining his stance during the certification process. “He was my friend, and I don’t regret what we did during the Trump-Pence administration,” Pence affirmed.

He went on to enumerate significant achievements of their joint leadership, including military rebuilding, border security, economic revival, and judicial appointments.

Pence’s appearance on “This Week” provided a glimpse into his strategic mindset for the upcoming debate and offered a retrospective on his role within the Trump administration.

As the political discourse continues to evolve, the insights shared by Pence shed light on the complex interplay of loyalty, leadership, and policy-making that shape the course of American politics.

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