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Florida Tragedy Unfolds: 23-Year-Old Faces Charges After Alleged Stabbing Attack on Mother

Connor Crumrine, 23, is facing serious charges, including three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and one count of resisting an officer without violence. The incident unfolded in the Crumrine family home in Florida, where Connor’s mother, Jennifer Crumrine, 54, tragically lost her life.

The disturbance began on Christmas night when Connor allegedly made threatening statements to the family, expressing unconventional ideas about heaven and hell. The family, planning to leave for a cruise the next day, slept in shifts with locked doors due to Connor’s unsettling behavior.

Jennifer decided to skip the family cruise to seek help for Connor at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care. However, when she conveyed the change of plans to her son, he reportedly began procrastinating getting ready. In a distressing turn of events, as Jennifer’s daughter, Kasey, called the behavioral health center for assistance, Connor allegedly started stabbing his mother.

In the ensuing struggle to disarm Connor, Kasey suffered a cut across her finger. Connor’s other sister, Savannah, intervened, tackling him and engaging in a physical struggle for control of the knife. During this chaotic scene, Kasey attempted to provide life-saving efforts to Jennifer while calling 911.

When the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene, they found Jennifer with life-threatening injuries. Connor, armed with a knife, was on top of his sister, Savannah, in an active struggle. Deputies used a Taser to detain Connor, who is now facing charges related to the violent altercation.

Jennifer, tragically, did not survive her injuries. Kasey and Savannah were treated for their injuries, and Connor also received medical attention for a minor hand laceration. As of now, Connor has not been charged in connection with his mother’s death.

At his first court appearance on December 27, Connor’s bond was set at $710,000, and he was ordered to have no contact with his sisters and to refrain from possessing firearms or weapons. A no-contact order was issued, prohibiting him from communicating with his sisters orally or in writing and maintaining a distance of 500 feet from their residence, workplace, or vehicle. Connor’s arraignment is scheduled for January 29.



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