Florida Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Ex-Wife and Her New Husband a Week After Her Wedding

A Florida man, Sony Josaphat, stands accused of the murder of his ex-wife and her new husband, just a week after her marriage, as reported by authorities. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office responded to a shooting in West Palm Beach, discovering the lifeless bodies of a man and a woman with gunshot wounds.

Josaphat, identified as a “person of interest,” was promptly arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. According to reports from WPTV, CBS 12, and NBC News, an arrest report suggests that Josaphat allegedly shot the couple and then drove to the sheriff’s office, where he turned himself in, confessing to the crime.

The sister of the female victim, speaking to WPTV, confirmed that Josaphat was her sister’s ex-husband. Deputies claim that Josaphat, as reported by CBS 12, told them he left his apartment to take his daughter to breakfast when he unexpectedly encountered his ex-wife and her husband, leading to an overwhelming surge of “anger.”

To protect the victims’ identities, their names have not been released to the public under Marsy’s Law, invoked by the family. Reports indicate that Josaphat had previously lived in the home where the tragic incident occurred before his divorce, finalized in October.

Josaphat is scheduled to appear in court on January 8, and it remains unclear whether he has obtained legal representation or entered a plea.

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