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In a dramatic video, a Florida deputy is seen assisting in the delivery of a baby on the shoulder of a highway

A terrified motorist told a Florida constable on the side of the road on Sunday that his wife was about to give birth, prompting the constable to take immediate action, according to officials.

The mother was sprawled across the front seats of the automobile on the side of Highway 60 near Plant City when Master Deputy Daniel ‘Red’ Jones sped to assist her, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The constable was seen encouraging and offering emotional support in a video from Jones’ body camera that the sheriff’s office released. He also cracked a joke.

Jones clasped her hand and said, “Is this your first child?” Jones questioned the mother’s response that she had previously given birth and the number of kids she had. The mother answered, “This is the sixth.”

Woo! Six! The two laughed and the constable said, “Y’all need a better pastime. According to authorities, Jones utilized his skills to facilitate the safe birth of the baby inside the car when it became evident that an ambulance would not arrive in time.

“Within minutes, a beautiful, healthy baby girl was born,” the sheriff’s office said, adding that the mother and infant were brought to a neighboring hospital for further assessment and treatment.

According to authorities, Jones, who has worked for the sheriff’s office since 2001, was “thrilled” to assist welcome the newborn girl into the world and even offered the name “Red,” which is his own nickname.

But according to Luis Lopez, the baby’s father, they gave the girl the name Lexela Luis Lopez. Sheriff Chad Chronister expressed his admiration for Jones’ commitment to serving the community and mentioned that this wasn’t the deputy’s first time giving birth.

The sheriff said, “This is his third time helping a citizen deliver a baby.” The mother of six was reassured by Master Deputy Jones that she was in excellent hands even if giving birth in the front seat of a vehicle was not the intended birth plan.

Chronister stated, “I wish mum, dad, and their new baby girl all the joy and happiness.” “Congratulations!”

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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