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Florida Couple Arrested for Neglect and Abuse After 10-Month-Old Suffers Severe Burns

A couple from Bradenton, Florida, identified as 24-year-olds Cayla Zarvas and Dennis Zipprian, are facing legal consequences following their arrest for the mistreatment of their 10-month-old infant.

The distressing incident unfolded on the evening of Sunday, October 16. Zarvas, occupied with a late-night shift at a local Pizza Hut, entrusted Zipprian with caring for their child at home.

At approximately 8:30 pm, Zipprian took the baby into the shower with him. However, upon finishing his shower, he negligently left the child unattended in the shower, exposed to scalding hot water.

While Zipprian attended to his own needs in another room, the infant cried in distress for five to seven minutes. Only then did Zipprian return to the bathroom to check on the baby, discovering that the child had suffered burns on the genitals, buttocks, and face due to the scalding water. Notably, two burns on the child’s inner thighs had already developed blisters.

Instead of seeking immediate professional medical assistance, Zipprian took the injured child to Pizza Hut in an attempt to find Zarvas. Later that night, around 11 pm, the couple brought their child along to Walmart. Regrettably, they left the 10-month-old unattended in the car as they entered the store to purchase popcorn, cereal, burn cream, and gauze pads, which they erroneously believed could be used to treat the burns.

It was not until early Monday morning that the couple decided to seek medical help for their child. The infant was found to have second-degree burns with fully formed blisters on the groin and buttocks. Consequently, the baby had to undergo a three-day stay in Tampa Hospital’s burn unit.

Zarvas and Zipprian have been taken into custody and face charges of “abuse of neglect” in connection with this unfortunate incident.

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