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Female private investigator reveals how she catches people’s partners cheating

A woman with a unique career as a private investigator has shared her experiences in catching cheating partners, and it all began after a harrowing incident of being mugged. Ali Marsh, a 56-year-old former support worker for adults with learning disabilities, found herself on a different path when she was robbed at knifepoint. This event sparked her interest in criminal psychology, prompting her to delve into the field and pursue a career as a private investigator.

Residing in the picturesque Cotswolds, Marsh recalled the incident that led to her career change, saying, “I chased him down the road, and after that, I never fell victim to robbery again. That incident sparked my interest in psychology—I wanted to understand why people think they can commit such acts.”

Driven by curiosity, Marsh decided to study criminal psychology, forensic psychology, profiling, and private investigation. However, her training in these areas alone did not qualify her to work as a private investigator. She sought further professional development by joining a network of investigators, where she underwent their rigorous training program. Reflecting on this phase, she added, “Within that network, you have to complete their training.”

Marsh’s journey as a private investigator began with tasks like finding lost pets and locating individuals with outstanding debts. However, her expertise eventually expanded to include catching cheaters. Charging £70 per hour for her services, Marsh explained some of the methods she employs, told Newsweek.

While she refrains from personally placing trackers on vehicles due to the risk of being detected, she collaborates with someone who specializes in that area. Additionally, surveillance plays a crucial role in her work. Marsh noted, “If someone approaches me, there’s usually a gut feeling that they suspect something. Surveillance becomes essential, as it is the only way to determine if someone is behaving suspiciously.”

Marsh revealed that numerous individuals have approached her to investigate their partners’ fidelity. With access to tools beyond the reach of ordinary people, such as a secret database that allows her to dig deeper than social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, she can uncover information that may remain hidden.

When asked about her most shocking case, she recounted an alarming incident where a man had contacted her, seeking assistance in retrieving an engagement ring from his ex-fiancée. However, she became suspicious of his intentions and refused his request. To her dismay, the police later contacted her, revealing that the man had wanted to locate his ex-fiancée to harm her.

Despite such disturbing cases, Marsh’s job isn’t always filled with such intensity. She has experienced heartwarming successes, like reuniting a grandson with his long-lost father. Recounting the story, she said, “I was contacted by someone whose grandson wanted to find out who his father was. He had never met him. She provided me with an outdated address, so I had to trace back addresses to find him. Thankfully, I managed to locate him, and the little boy finally had the chance to meet his dad.”

Marsh has also played a role in reuniting lost dogs with their distraught owners. She explained the prevalent issue of dog napping in the Cotswolds and shared an incident where a woman’s dog was stolen from her garden. Through diligent investigative work, she tracked down the culprits who were attempting to sell the dogs, ultimately leading to the recovery of the stolen pet. Although the owner had to pay £400 to retrieve her dog, she considered it a small price to pay for her beloved companion’s safe return.

Ali Marsh’s career as a private investigator is driven by her desire to understand human behavior and assist those in need. Through her work, she strives to uncover the truth, provide closure, and sometimes even facilitate heartwarming reunions, showcasing the diverse range of cases she encounters in her unconventional

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
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