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The father threw his 15-month-old son into the air above his head and then let the baby land on the pavement

A 29-year-old father, later identified as Richard, has been taken into custody and charged with multiple offenses after allegedly subjecting his 15-month-old baby to dangerous actions, including shaking the infant violently in a baby stroller and subsequently dropping the child onto the pavement. The distressed and naked baby was found crying hysterically and displaying signs of dehydration, as reported by law enforcement officials.

During questioning by investigators, the father confessed to his actions, claiming that he intentionally exposed the child to such risks in an attempt to toughen him up. Richard now faces charges of unlawful conduct toward a child, public intoxication, and possession of marijuana. A concerned witness, who opted to remain anonymous, had alerted the responding officers after observing Richard’s alarming behavior, which included dropping and shaking the baby in the stroller.

Upon their arrival, the officers noted that the father was behaving belligerently, slurring his speech, and struggling to maintain his balance. Richard admitted to both consuming alcohol and using marijuana. Additionally, a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor was discovered beneath the child’s stroller.

Further investigation revealed that Richard had a history of rough play with the baby, frequently resulting in accidental drops. The child, who was found covered in dirt and sand with red marks on his back and a cut on his stomach, was in the custodial care of Richard, according to police officials.



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