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Father reveals chilling detail about slain daughter’s violent death his wife was sleeping in the next room

The heartbroken father of a bodybuilder who was tragically killed has disclosed that his wife was asleep in the adjacent room when their daughter was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend.

Monique Lezsak, a 39-year-old woman, was reportedly stabbed to death by her partner, Sven Lindemann, a 51-year-old German national, at her parent’s residence in Kassan Gardens, located in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburb of Endeavour Hills, on May 30. Lindemann has been charged with her murder.

Zoltan Lezsak, the grieving father of Ms. Lezsak, shared with the Herald Sun that he received the devastating news of his daughter’s violent death while at work and that his wife was sleeping in the adjacent room during the horrifying incident.

“When my wife called my workplace, they handed me the phone, and she informed me that our daughter was no longer with us,” Mr. Lezsak recounted to the Herald Sun.

Overwhelmed by grief, Mr. Lezsak was unable to drive home himself, so a colleague offered to take him. He explained that his wife, Magali, was asleep in the room next door when the alleged stabbing took place.

Their 10-year-old granddaughter bravely tried to intervene and protect her mother during the attack, sustaining injuries in the process. “She witnessed everything,” Mr. Lezsak said. “I never thought she could do it, but she did. She could have been killed.”

In the midst of the traumatic event, the child managed to find her mother’s phone, which was near her bloodied body, and dialed emergency services (triple-0 in Australia), providing them with their address and a detailed account of what was happening.

Friends of Ms. Lezsak hailed the young girl as a hero for her courageous attempt to defend her mother. The couple will now raise their twin grandchildren, both ten years old, in the family home where they tragically witnessed their mother’s death.

The children have not yet returned to school and will receive ongoing psychological support to help them cope with their nightmares.

“We’re doing our best to handle the situation,” Mr. Lezsak expressed. “I will take care of raising them. I will do it willingly. I will dedicate my life to them, and my wife Magali will do the same. That’s what the future holds for us.”

He further added, “My sole concern is these two kids and nothing else.”

Mr. Lezsak lovingly paid tribute to his “absolutely wonderful” daughter, emphasizing that everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her would say the same. “She was truly loved and respected,” he concluded.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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