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A Father Who Intentionally Crushed His Baby’s Skull Receives A Shocking Dose Of Prison Justice

Daniel Wilson, a father who committed heinous acts of abuse resulting in the death of his infant son, faced an unexpected reckoning when his cellmate learned about the twisted nature of his crimes. Determined to deliver a form of prison justice, the disgusted cellmate devised a plan to ensure that karma caught up with this evil parent.

Assigned to share a cell with Wilson at Missouri’s Potosi Correctional Center, 38-year-old Brandon Kulhanek, serving an 18-year sentence for assault and other charges, found himself engaged in a heated argument with Wilson.

The altercation quickly escalated into violence, and due to Wilson’s lack of experience in facing an adult adversary, he proved defenseless. Tragically, Wilson was found lifeless on the cell floor, having suffered a crushed larynx.

According to the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, Kulhanek now faces a charge of first-degree murder for allegedly beating Wilson to death, and he may receive a life sentence similar to the one Wilson initially received.

Many hope that the judicial system will recognize this act as an eye for an eye, acknowledging that Wilson deserved severe punishment for fracturing his son’s skull and causing irreversible brain damage in a fit of rage. While some may argue that Wilson deserved the death penalty from the start, this inmate took it upon himself to ensure that Wilson faced the consequences he deserved.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the depths of depravity that led to the loss of innocent life and the complicated dynamics within the prison system, where justice can sometimes take unexpected and violent turns.



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