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Family Issues Urgent Plea to Save Mother in Coma Following Devastating Holiday Fall

A family is making a heartfelt plea for help as they seek to save a woman who fell into a coma following a tragic accident while on vacation. Kylee Enwright, an Australian mother, was enjoying a holiday in Thailand with her husband Paul at the end of May when the incident occurred.

According to Paul, the couple had been enjoying drinks at the hotel bar on the first day of their vacation. They were preparing to go for a massage and dinner when Kylee needed to use the restroom. Tragically, on her way back from the bathroom, she misjudged her step and fell from a patio.

The fall left Kylee instantly unconscious, with severe bleeding from her head and ears. Paul believes that Kylee mistakenly assumed there were steps leading down from the deck, similar to the ones they had used to access the pool. Unfortunately, there were no steps, causing her to plunge face-first onto the pavement below.

Kylee was swiftly transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Subsequently, she was transferred to a major hospital in Phuket, where she underwent a six-hour brain surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma. However, despite having her sedation lifted on June 1, she has not yet regained consciousness.

The family faces an additional burden, as Kylee’s medical bills have reached over AU $50,000 (£26,800/$33,400), increasing by AU $5,000 (£2,680/$3,340) each day she remains hospitalized. Unfortunately, their travel insurance does not cover any of these expenses due to an alcohol clause. Paul admits that they were unaware of this clause when they purchased the insurance, which now leaves them uninsured.

Moreover, the family will need to pay a staggering AU of $200,000 (£107,200/$133,640) to arrange for Kylee’s return to an Australian hospital.

In response to their dire situation, a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for Kylee’s repatriation, and it has already garnered over AU $130,000 (£70,000/$87,000) in donations.

Paul concludes his plea by expressing gratitude for any support received, acknowledging that not everyone may be in a position to donate. He appeals to people to share their stories widely, in the hope of reaching as many compassionate individuals as possible. The family is forever indebted to the kindness and generosity shown during these challenging times.

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