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Family identifies Borger boy hit by a pickup

BORGER, Texas (KFDA) – We’re learning more about the juvenile who was hit by a truck Friday afternoon. The family has identified him as 12-year-old Conor Waide.

The City of Borger says officials were called about a truck colliding into Waide while he was riding his bike near 5th Street and Coble Street.

Waide was flown by helicopter to an Amarillo hospital. He has now been transferred to University Medical Center in Lubbock. The family says cervical damage was found, so an MRI was done to get a better assessment.

The results show the family is probably looking at a spinal fusion and that there is going to be some major rehab involved. They say the next 72 hours are critical and by Monday, they should know the next course of action and may be woken up out of sedation.

Waide also has a fracture in one leg and a broken clavicle, along with fluid and bruising to his right lung.

His father says he has shown signs of improvement since arriving in Lubbock, however, it will still be a long recovery. The family continues to ask the community for prayers.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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