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“Even Trump Knows This” VP Kamala Harris Brags About Biden Government’s Achievements Since 2020

In an exclusive interview with NewsNow on August 20, Vice President Kamala Harris proudly showcased the accomplishments of the Biden administration since taking office in 2020.

Drawing a clear distinction between the present administration and its predecessor, Harris asserted that the Biden government has exceeded the achievements of the Trump era.

Addressing the nation’s progress under President Joe Biden’s leadership, Harris confidently stated, “Even Trump knows this. We have over-performed what he did from 2016 to 2020.” With an air of conviction, she outlined key areas where the current administration has made significant strides.

One of the prominent aspects highlighted by Harris was the swift and coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Biden administration’s implementation of a comprehensive vaccination campaign and the distribution of relief packages played a crucial role in curbing the spread of the virus and reviving the economy.

The Vice President emphasized that this approach stands in stark contrast to the handling of the pandemic during the previous administration.

Harris also underscored the administration’s commitment to addressing climate change, a departure from the policies of the Trump era.

Rejoining the Paris Agreement on day one, the administration has taken steps toward promoting clean energy and reducing carbon emissions, signaling a renewed dedication to global environmental concerns.

Furthermore, the Vice President highlighted the administration’s investment in infrastructure and job creation. The ambitious infrastructure bill signed into law earlier this year is expected to modernize the country’s roads, bridges, and broadband networks, creating millions of well-paying jobs in the process.

However, Harris acknowledged that there are still challenges to overcome. She discussed ongoing efforts to reform the criminal justice system, expand access to affordable healthcare, and promote racial and social equality.

The Vice President’s words conveyed a sense of determination to address these issues head-on and deliver tangible results for the American people.

As Harris spoke passionately about the administration’s accomplishments, she also addressed criticisms that have been leveled against it. She stated that the government is committed to transparency and accountability, open to constructive criticism, and willing to adapt its approach to better serve the needs of the nation.

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