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People are divided over the new trend of tattooing ‘permanent freckles’ on your face

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A new trend has emerged on the internet, leaving users divided over the idea of getting ‘permanent freckles’ tattooed on their noses and cheeks.

Freckles are like marmite – you either adore them (especially if you don’t have them) or despise them (often if you do).

Personally, I only develop freckles when exposed to the sun, and I cherish their appearance. However, I’ve also known individuals with a more natural freckled complexion who wish their spots were less pronounced.

Many people long for a sprinkling of marks across their face, and some are willing to spend their money, and time, and alter their natural appearances to achieve it.

Tattoo artist Daisy Lovesick, who gained popularity on TikTok, has been showcasing face tattoos of customers who opted to mimic a freckled look using ink. The styles chosen vary based on personal preferences.

One person chose to have ink spots in a color carefully matched to their own complexion, while another opted for a more whimsical style with multicolored freckles adorned with small stars and other designs.

The designs have garnered a lot of admiration, with one individual commenting, “I desperately want this done in purples and blues.”

Another wrote, “I love rainbow freckles.”


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However, not everyone is enthusiastic about this trend, and some argue that the faux freckles “ruin” the customers’ natural appearance. Although it ultimately only concerns the customers themselves, people always feel compelled to express their opinions.

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” read one critical comment, while another remarked, “I look forward to the removal video in a few years.”

One viewer admitted that although they wouldn’t personally embrace the trend, they found the end result adorable, saying, “Would I get this on my face? No. Is it incredibly cute? Absolutely!”

Lovesick has received praise for her talent in creating freckled artwork. In one of her videos, the tattoo artist explained that she used ‘natural freckles’ as a ‘jumping-off point’ to inspire her work on a customer.

She also ensures that customers see her plans for the ink before making it permanent, making the process as interactive as possible.

Lovesick further explained that the color of the freckles will gradually “calm down” by approximately 50 percent over time, even after the tattoo is completed.

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