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Distressed Father Removes Daughter from Nursery After Finding Her Covered in Blood

Neil Dumoulin, a resident of York, has taken the decision to remove his two-year-old daughter, Delilah, from Little Green Rascals nursery following an unsettling incident. Delilah sustained a cut above her eye during an accident at the nursery, prompting her father to file a complaint with the nursery management. Neil expressed concern, stating that this was not the first time his daughter had experienced an injury while under their care.

Although Delilah has been known to be a bit clumsy in the past, Neil’s worry escalated after witnessing the latest incident. He promptly withdrew his daughter from the nursery and reported the matter to Ofsted, the regulatory body for early years education in the UK.

Disturbed by his daughter’s distressing condition, Neil captured a photograph and immediately took her to the local A&E in York. The cut, measuring 1.5cm, was promptly cleaned and sealed with glue.

According to the accident report, the nursery staff did not witness how Delilah injured her eye. However, Delilah informed a staff member that she had hit it on a chair. The report stated that a staff member turned around and discovered Delilah on the floor near a table with an eye laceration.

Neil expressed that his family was left deeply traumatized by the incident. Delilah was tearful, in pain, and experienced difficulty sleeping. YorkshireLive reported Neil’s claims, emphasizing the emotional impact on the family.

In response, a spokesperson from Little Green Rascals expressed sadness about the accident and assured that a thorough investigation was underway. The nursery’s top priority is the safety of the children, staff, and visitors. They are actively cooperating with regulatory bodies and maintaining communication with the Local Authority and Ofsted.

Martin Kelly, the corporate director of children and education from the City of York Council, acknowledged the incident and confirmed the engagement with relevant authorities to provide guidance and ensure appropriate measures are taken.

Little Green Rascals received an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted in their 2022 report. However, on September 12, 2022, an Ofsted regulatory visit was conducted in response to a child leaving the premises earlier that month. The nursery took corrective action by changing the locks on the garden gate and adding a fenced area to prevent children from accessing the car park.

Another regulatory visit by Ofsted took place on September 20, addressing additional concerns. Actions were issued to the nursery, including the effective deployment of staff to ensure the safety and well-being of the children, especially during outdoor activities. Risk assessments were also highlighted as needing proper execution at appropriate times of the day.

On October 3, Little Green Rascals responded to the action plan set by Ofsted. In an online summary, Ofsted confirmed that the necessary measures had been taken to ensure effective staff deployment, including the use of walkie-talkies for communication. Managers continued to conduct room observations and spot checks to ensure consistent and appropriate staff deployment.

Ofsted concluded that the provider had satisfactorily addressed the raised actions and remains registered with them.

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