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Dad Went Into An Uncontrollable Rage When His Daughter Was Born Because He Wanted A Boy

When couples receive news of an impending arrival, it’s common for them to harbor hopes about the baby’s gender. Fathers often yearn for sons with whom they can share activities like sports or outdoor adventures, while mothers may envision a special bond with daughters, marked by makeovers and spa days.

Dr. Jason Bittner, a chiropractor practicing in Ohio, found himself in a different emotional state when he learned about the gender of his forthcoming child. While his wife joyfully discovered they were expecting a girl, Dr. Bittner had hoped for a son, feeling differently than most expectant fathers. The couple already had two children.

In the initial months after their daughter’s birth, Dr. Bittner managed to maintain his composure. However, as time went on, the strain became too much to bear.

Tragically, when the baby was just three months old, Dr. Bittner committed an unthinkable act, something most new fathers would never contemplate. Faced with a fussy baby, he assaulted her, inflicting severe brain damage due to the force of the impact. In addition to the traumatic brain injury, the baby suffered at least two dozen bone fractures.

Dr. Bittner faced legal consequences, being indicted on numerous counts of felony child endangerment and child assault. These horrifying events unfolded within the family’s home, where Dr. Bittner lived with his wife and their other children.

The overwhelming disappointment of having a daughter instead of the desired son led Dr. Bittner to a breaking point, causing him to harm the helpless baby.

Notably, updates about the couple and their newborn had been shared by Dr. Bittner’s practice in the past. A post mentioned the baby’s November 2017 birth, along with details like the mother’s picture and birth weight.

While Dr. Bittner appeared to savor the moments of fatherhood with his newborn daughter outwardly, internal turmoil was brewing. A prosecutor argued that his unhappiness flared when the baby became fussy.

When the baby was brought to the hospital with injuries, Dr. Bittner’s wife initially claimed it was an accident. However, the following day, he was arrested at his office after medical professionals determined that the injuries did not align with an accidental occurrence.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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