Dad killed 4-Year-Old, Son then reported him missing 7 months later

Prosecutors have announced that more than a year after the disappearance of 4-year-old Codi Bigsby in Virginia, his father has been indicted on a murder charge.

Cory Bigsby, aged 44, was indicted by a grand jury on June 5, facing charges of murder and tampering with a dead body. The indictment states that Bigsby allegedly killed his son, Codi, “on or around June 18, 2021” in Hampton, seven months before he reported the child missing.

According to previous reports, Bigsby had informed the police that Codi had wandered from their home on January 31, 2022, at approximately 2 a.m. Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot had identified Codi’s parents as persons of interest in the case during a news conference on the following day.

Bigsby became the primary person of interest after telling the police that he woke up to find Codi missing from the house. He was subsequently charged with child neglect for leaving his four children, all under the age of 5, unattended on multiple occasions.

In March, Bigsby faced an additional 18 charges, including child abuse and failure to seek medical attention for a child. However, he was deemed incompetent to stand trial after a court appearance, as reported by the Virginian-Pilot. Subsequently, a mental evaluation in April found Bigsby competent, leading to the restoration of his competency.

Despite ongoing efforts to locate Codi, nobody has been found, and authorities confirmed his presumed death following the recent indictment. Cases of murder trials without a discovered body are uncommon but statistically have a higher conviction rate due to the presence of substantial circumstantial evidence before a grand jury, as highlighted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

A memorial known as the “Codi Fence” was established near the Bigsby family’s apartment complex in January 2022, serving as a remembrance for the missing child. Since the indictment was announced, the site has been adorned with flowers and stuffed animals. Codi’s disappearance was reported in Hampton, approximately 15 miles from Norfolk.

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