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Cruel Kids Notice Smell Coming From Between Girl’s Legs, Puts Her In ER

Cool kids put the girl in the emergency department after smelling something between her legs. A few of the 12-year-old girl’s classmates claimed to have smelled something coming from between her legs as she sat at her desk.

They then took the poor girl to the emergency room. Her mother, Lee Davy, has now shared her experience in an effort to save the same incident from occurring to another young preteen.

Lee Davy, a single mother of a twelve-year-old girl, was at her wit’s end and had nowhere else to turn after suffering through an extremely painful ordeal. She shared her experience on Facebook in the hopes that it might inspire other social media users and, ultimately, change the world.

Lee posted on Facebook that “our beautiful girl has been the subject of some awful bullying at school.” Our seven months of dealing with this immediate family have been very private.

Lee Davy only came to the public after spending months attempting to cope with her daughter’s bullying in secret. The issue at her daughter’s school was not better.

On social media, Lee pleaded for help from other parents by detailing the suffering her daughter had to experience at the hands of her cruel classmates and the inept officials who did nothing to stop the abuse.

In this age of social media, children because they are children think it’s okay to send hateful messages to me. Also, along with their parents who won’t take responsibility without consequences, Lee wrote on Facebook.

I’ve had calls from these children calling me an old Hag because I’ve defended our daughter, approached parents and pleaded with them to talk with their children, and asked them to stop. I’ve even approached the children themselves, but been threatened by parents with harassment. The WA Department of Education doesn’t expel children from schools for bullying.

The WA Department of Education also told me, that you should teach your child how to be resilient against bullies. Yes, they said that. Lee went on to share one of the more devastating ordeals her daughter was made to endure at school, and it’s enough to make any parent’s blood boil.

The end result was a trip to the emergency room because the little girl was so embarrassed and emotionally tortured that our girl had a video was taken of her sitting at her desk at school, legs slightly open, with a lovely caption about the smell, Lee wrote. It was posted to Snapchat.

Yes, a twelve-year-old can be prosecuted if the content breaches certain criteria, wrote Lee Davy. Sadly, our daughters didn’t, but she was subjected to weeks of ridicule repercussions. 

The girl who posted the video was refused playtime. The furious mother continued, “The person who took the video did nothing because no one would tell who it was.”

To help people understand how severe the effects of bullying can be, Lee also shared a picture of her daughter in the hospital. The distressed mother begs you, in this terrible age of social media—or antisocial media, as we like to call it—to check your children’s messages.



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