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The couple’s wedding photos are going viral because of the groom’s “unusual” outfit!

This young couple eagerly anticipated their wedding day, but it seemed that only half of the duo was prepared to exchange vows on their special occasion.

While the bride looked radiant in a beautiful gown, the groom arrived at the wedding donning grubby jeans adorned with grass stains. Initially shared on Reddit, images of the disheveled groom have resurfaced online, igniting discussions on social media once again.

One photo captures the bride, resplendent in her wedding dress, gently sliding the ring onto the groom’s finger. However, during the ceremony, he sported blue jeans stained with grass, a blue flannel shirt, a baseball cap, and work boots. Clearly, he had not made an effort to dress up for the significant event. Perhaps he lacked enthusiasm about marrying the bride standing before him.

Additional pictures from their special day showcase the groom seemingly prepared for a fishing trip. Holding a fishing pole, he poses for wedding photos as the photographer strives to capture the essence of the outdoor ceremony. Other guests attending the wedding also appear casually attired. It is worth noting that a person, possibly the groom’s father, wears a loose-fitting flannel shirt over a T-shirt, while their jeans exhibit signs of staining along the legs.

Critics swiftly pointed out that the groom should have dressed more appropriately for his momentous day, particularly considering the effort the bride had put into selecting and fitting her wedding dress. What are your thoughts on these wedding photos? Should the groom have dressed up for the occasion?

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