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The couple screamed for help when they noticed their feet, but ‘the doctors couldn’t help after they realized what caused it’!

Everyone enjoys taking walks on the beach, right? Yes, and this poor couple did as well. They cried out for assistance when they saw their feet at home. What’s worse is that even after realising what caused it, the doctors refused to assist them.

According to accounts, when Katie and Eddie went for a walk on the beach, they had no idea that their journey would leave them in excruciating pain. They were unaware of how risky it was to stroll barefoot on the beach. Nevertheless, they were shocked to discover just how terrible the beaches might be when they got home.

After their trip, the couple went back to their house, where their nightmare really started. The unlucky lady posted the following on Facebook: She stated, “My partner and I recently returned from Punta Cana only to find that we both had larva migrans, or worms, in our feet. We just assumed it was just bug bites, but it got worse as the days went by, so please have it checked out immediately away if your feet become extremely itching.

Eddie and Katie initially thought the irritating sensation was a result of bug bites, but it quickly became much worse. It gradually escalated into a much worse situation after a few days. According to reports, the pair quickly became aware of significant swelling, lumps, and blisters on their feet. But this was only the beginning of their ordeal.

After visiting the hospital, the couple saw three different doctors before receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. The couple’s final diagnosis came from a doctor who had previously treated a foreign traveller with a comparable condition. They still had a lot of issues, according to The Post.

Both Katie and I have dozens of worms in our feet. Thinking about it makes me feel somewhat sick,” Eddie stated. It’s quite disgusting. It is a living organism that shouldn’t be in your body. Making matters worse, receiving therapy wouldn’t be simple even after a correct diagnosis.

Katie said, “To top it all off, Health Canada declined our request for the medication (ivermectin) we needed to treat our infection, so (we) had to import the medication from the United States. For the couple’s medication, Eddie’s mother reportedly travelled to America, prompting Katie to sarcastically add, “Thank you Canada for your great healthcare you offer for us!”

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