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Conjoined Twins Were Born, Baptized, and Confirmed Before Passing

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The touching tale of Nicole and Austin LeBlanc, a devout Catholic couple from Michigan, has deeply moved countless hearts. CNA initially shared their inspiring testimony on April 27 after the couple discussed their remarkable journey of discovering they were expecting conjoined twins with EWTN News Nightly.

Rachel Clare and Maria Therese, their conjoined twins, shared vital organs, including a heart. The doctors immediately labeled the pregnancy as high-risk and suggested termination. However, Nicole firmly believed that she carried two extraordinary little girls.

Rachel Clare and Maria Therese LeBlanc were born alive, baptized, and confirmed before peacefully passing away, as lovingly captured in a photo shared by Nicole and Austin LeBlanc.

Originally scheduled for an early June cesarean section, the surgery was rescheduled due to the twins’ slowed growth and heart concerns. At 32 weeks gestation, the LeBlancs met their precious daughters on May 16.

Rachel Clare and Maria Therese were born alive and promptly received the sacraments of baptism and confirmation.

Expressing her emotions in an Instagram post, Nicole wrote, “They lived for about an hour until they took their last breaths. My girls were loved and held until their final moments, and all they knew throughout their entire lives was love from Austin and me.”

She continued, “God designed them so beautifully in my womb, and it was an absolute honor and privilege to carry them for as long as I could. Their lives have touched so many, and the support my family has received has been nothing short of incredible.”

Upon learning about her babies’ health, Nicole took to social media to share her journey with others, aiming to spread a message of love and hope.

Throughout their challenging ordeal, the couple leaned on their faith, steadfastly praying the Rosary together every night. Austin shared in the EWTN News Nightly interview, “That’s one of the biggest things… and just knowing that God has a plan for everything and there’s always a purpose for everything.”

The names chosen for their twin girls were inspired by various saints and biblical figures, reflecting the couple’s deep-rooted faith.

“We definitely want to have our babies be gifts to our Blessed Mother, so Maria, the Latin name for Mary,” explained Nicole. “And I’ve always had a special connection with the Old Testament story of Rachel; so, Maria Therese and Rachel Clare.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Nicole received an outpouring of prayers and support from individuals of different faiths, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

In a heartfelt tweet and Instagram post, Nicole shared that her beloved baby girls are now “enjoying the splendors of the beatific vision,” finding solace in the belief that they are in the presence of God’s eternal glory.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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