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Chicago Mother of Two Fatally Struck in Tragic Dan Ryan Expressway Incident

In the early hours of Tuesday, a mother of two from Chicago tragically lost her life in a fatal incident on the Dan Ryan Expressway. The victim, identified as Stephanie N. Johnson by her family, was initially involved in a minor crash in the southbound lanes near 18th Street around 2:30 a.m., according to information from the Illinois State Police.

The unfortunate turn of events occurred when Johnson exited her vehicle and was subsequently struck by another car, as reported by the agency investigating the incident. At present, no arrests have been made in connection with the case, prompting Johnson’s grieving family to seek assistance in locating the alleged hit-and-run driver, told ABC affiliate WLS

Camille Jadé, the victim’s cousin, expressed the family’s profound grief, stating, “We are so heartbroken and distraught by her death.” She pleaded with the city of Chicago for information, urging anyone who witnessed or knows about the accident to come forward and assist the family during this devastating time.

Stephanie Johnson’s mother, who shares the same name, revealed in an interview with ABC affiliate WLS that she had spoken to her daughter just three hours before the tragic crash. The mother struggled to accept the reality of the situation, stating, “I didn’t want to believe it; it just took my breath.” She further described the crash as leaving a “big hole” in her heart.

Jadé painted a poignant picture of Stephanie, referring to her as the “family princess” who aspired to be a positive influence in the community through various service projects. Despite her commitment to making a difference, Stephanie was also remembered as a vibrant dancer and the “light of every party.”

The family now grapples with the painful reality that Stephanie’s children will grow up without their mother. Johnson, the grieving mother, shared her concern, stating, “They’re going to miss their mom.” The investigation into the incident is ongoing as the family seeks answers and closure.

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