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‘Career Suicide’: Why Hunter Biden Won’t Ever Be Charged

Earlier this month, Democratic Congressman Jim Himes stated that it is “clear” that Hunter Biden has violated the law, a statement made in the wake of his plea deal collapsing over tax misdemeanors.

In a surprising disclosure, Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy has asserted that the Justice Department is hesitating to charge Hunter Biden for alleged gun-related felonies and tax evasion, citing fear as the main factor.

McCarthy, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney with a background in prosecuting cases related to terrorism and national security, made these allegations during an appearance on Fox News. He characterized the vanishing case against the President’s son as “exhibit A” of a purported “Biden scheme.”

“They have strong evidence against him for a 10-year gun felony and tax evasion charges, yet they’re hesitant to proceed,” McCarthy stated. “The case is fading away. The statute of limitations is running out, but the department is wary of charging him due to their reluctance to charge Joe Biden’s son.

There’s a fear of pursuing this case. They’re being cautioned that it would jeopardize their careers to initiate a case of this nature. This highlights the significance of having access to Joe Biden. It’s why substantial sums were paid to gain such access. That was the underlying scheme,” emphasized McCarthy.

These remarks emerge in the midst of intensifying tensions surrounding the Biden family, as Kentucky Representative James Comer leads efforts to investigate alleged influence peddling.

Comer has accused legal teams, banks, and government entities of forming a unified front to obstruct Republican attempts to uncover the truth. He has been forthright in asserting that email evidence implicates both President Biden and Hunter Biden in an influence-peddling scheme “without a shadow of a doubt.”

Comer, spearheading the investigation into alleged Biden influence peddling, anticipates that forthcoming subpoenas for bank records could yield further incriminating information about Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in these contentious transactions.

Comer’s recent call for the National Archives and Records Administration to release unredacted emails involving then-Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden concerning Ukraine and Burisma has fueled additional speculation.

“We gave them around five business days,” Comer stated. “The deadline should be around Wednesday this week. We anticipate the National Archives will cooperate with our inquiry. The purpose of this investigation doesn’t require proof anymore. I believe everyone is well aware now.”

In a transcribed interview before the House Oversight Committee, Devon Archer, a key figure in the Hunter Biden controversy, shed light on how they used then-Vice President Joe Biden’s reputation to advance foreign business ventures.

Archer’s testimony, obtained by Fox News, details how Hunter Biden utilized his father’s status for “defensive leverage” and to send the right signals to business associates. He also mentioned that Hunter Biden would hold phone conversations with his father during business meetings.

Paul joined the Manchester Evening News in 2004 and Tosbos in 2022. A senior reporter, he's experienced in crime and court reporting - and also holds the defense portfolio.


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