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Calls Intensify for Biden Administration to Enlarge Work Permits for Asylum Seekers

A coalition of influential labor and immigration rights organizations based in New York has launched a fervent appeal to the Biden administration, urging it to broaden the scope of work permits available to asylum seekers.

As reported by The Guardian on Thursday, August 10, 2023, the proposed expansion aims to expedite the issuance of work permits, alleviating pressures on social services and addressing the burgeoning crisis within overcrowded shelter systems.

In a united front, a consortium of unions and advocates for human rights has directed their plea to Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Central to their request is an impassioned call for an extension of Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to a larger pool of migrants. TPS would grant these individuals the legal authority to reside and be employed within the United States for an extended duration.

Presently, asylum seekers admitted to the United States are subject to a waiting period of at least 180 days, which often stretches much longer.

During this time, they are barred from seeking employment, leaving them without means to support themselves and their families. This predicament is compounded by limited access to essential public services.

The current crisis paints a dire picture, with scenes of displaced migrants forced to sleep on the streets of midtown Manhattan.

The coalition’s rallying cry underscores the urgent need to address the mounting challenges faced by asylum seekers.

By expediting work permits for these individuals, the proposal seeks to empower them with the means to achieve self-sufficiency while awaiting the resolution of their immigration cases.

Moreover, the move is anticipated to ease the burden on social services, which are strained to capacity due to the influx of migrants and limited shelter accommodations.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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