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California Woman Gives Birth Unexpectedly at Las Vegas Music Festival

In a surprising turn of events, a California woman experienced the miracle of childbirth while attending a popular electronic dance music festival in Las Vegas.

Cristina Celis, a 29-year-old resident of Santa Clarita, was enjoying a late-night set at Electric Daisy Carnival when she suddenly went into labor, as reported by local news sources NBC affiliate KSNV and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Celis, who still had weeks to go before her due date, had been feeling fine during the first two days of the festival, according to FOX affiliate KVVU-TV. She had even visited her doctor before the event to ensure everything was in order, as mentioned by KSNV.

However, everything changed unexpectedly while she was immersed in a set by Zedd.

Though uncertain about what was happening, Celis sought medical assistance, leading to the conclusion that she needed to be hospitalized.

“They came back and they’re like, ‘Because of how far along you are, we do prefer you go to the hospital,’ so they transported me to the hospital,” Celis shared with the Review-Journal.

She was swiftly taken to University Medical Center, where she welcomed her first child, a daughter named Izzabella Daisy Garcia, less than 15 minutes after arriving, as reported by the Review-Journal. Her boyfriend Jonny Landon was present to witness the birth.

The middle name “Daisy” was inspired by the festival where Celis first experienced contractions, which she revealed to the Review-Journal.

“We were having a little trouble figuring out a middle name,” Celis explained. “And then, because of this situation, we actually did like the ring of ‘Daisy.’ It fit perfectly.”

In addition to her meaningful middle name, Izzabella has been affectionately nicknamed “Z” in tribute to Zedd.

“That’s technically where she went into labor,” Garcia stated to KSNV.

While celebrating the memorable birth, Zedd himself extended his congratulations to the new parents. The DJ took to Twitter after his set, expressing his desire to connect with the woman and “reach out” to her.

“I heard someone gave birth at the stage DURING MY SHOW 🤯,” Zedd tweeted, to which Celis replied, “It was me 😅😭.”

“CONGRATS!!!!!” Zedd responded. “So happy you’re both healthy and that I had the honor to be the soundtrack.”

According to the Review-Journal, Celis and her boyfriend were left “speechless” after connecting with Zedd.

The family of three will remain in Las Vegas for up to six weeks until it is safe for Izzabella to travel, as stated by the Review-Journal and KVVU-TV. Additionally, a GoFundMe page has been set up to assist with medical expenses.

“I love the rave community,” Celis expressed to the Review-Journal. “It’s just crazy that this happened in one of my comfort places.”

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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