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Boy lost both his legs and struggled to get around, ‘then this happened’!

Jill and Wayne, parents of young Robbie, noticed he had a temperature but no other symptoms, so they put him to bed. However, the following morning at 4:30 am, Robbie’s condition had worsened.

Alarmed, they immediately called an ambulance, and paramedics arrived promptly, suspecting meningitis. They began administering antibiotics to Robbie as they treated him.

Robbie was admitted to the hospital, fighting for his life after contracting meningitis. Unfortunately, the disease led to severe amputations, resulting in the loss of his legs and parts of his fingers.

Sandra, Robbie’s grandmother, joined them at the hospital and described the heart-wrenching sight of his limbs turning black, akin to being dipped in hot oil. Despite the devastating situation, Robbie’s resilience shone through, as he refused to let his amputations hinder his spirit, told Daily Mail.

His mother shared the difficult decision they faced as parents, acknowledging that the amputations were necessary to save Robbie’s life. While it was an incredibly challenging moment, they are now elated by his remarkable progress. Equipped with his new legs, Robbie is determined to lead a normal life. He actively participates in sports, including football and skateboarding, with swimming being his favorite. He is even training with a Paralympic coach.

Years later, Robbie’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation with the help of his new prosthetic limbs. Specialists fitted the limbs, adorned with stickers featuring his favorite team, Man Utd. These limbs have enabled him to join PE classes, play football, and confidently ride his skateboard. His mother is delighted by how swiftly Robbie has adapted to his new limbs and the positive impact they have had on his life.

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