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Young Iowa Boy Hospitalized After Neighbor’s Dog Attack

Following a week-long hospitalization, a 2-year-old boy from Iowa is now recuperating at home after being attacked by a neighbor’s dog. Kameron Swaab sustained facial injuries from the dog bite, resulting in his hospitalization. A GoFundMe campaign was created by a family friend to assist with medical expenses.

According to the fundraiser, Kameron experienced a fever and infection from the bite, leading to his hospitalization. Despite the ordeal, Kameron’s spirits remained high, finding joy in his favorite things like dinosaurs and receiving comforting cuddles from his mother, as stated in the GoFundMe update by Ellie Altman.

During his hospital stay, Kameron received stitches and was provided with pain relief through morphine. Despite his hospitalization coinciding with his third birthday, Kameron’s celebration was postponed due to his need for rest and healing, as mentioned in his mother Sara Swaab’s update on May 27.

Sara also shared that Kameron’s fever persisted, even with intravenous medication, reaching around 103 degrees. Fortunately, on May 28, Kameron was discharged from the hospital, allowing the family to reunite and recover together, according to an additional update on the GoFundMe page.

Details regarding the specific breed of the dog involved in the attack, its fate after the incident, and potential legal consequences remain unclear.

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