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Officers made up allegations that Black guys were dealing narcotics and “dating a white woman,” and then they did something that shocked the nation

To shine a light on a troubling instance of police violence in Mississippi, a group of attorneys has stepped out. Two Black men were severely tortured and handcuffed last month after several white police officers wrongly accused them of selling narcotics and “dating white women,” according to the attorneys. One of the males was shot in the mouth, a horrific crime that should give rise to accusations of attempted murder.

The victim, Michael C. Jenkins, is still in the ICU and described as “fighting for his life” because of injuries that required tongue removal. Jenkins and his friend, Eddie Terrell Parker, were at a private home in the town of Braxton on January 24 when the event took place. According to Black Lawyers for Justice, six white cops entered the area without a search warrant.

Before handcuffing Jenkins and Parker, the cops allegedly accused them of “dating White women” and “selling narcotics.” The males were allegedly viciously beaten and kicked by the cops after they had them both Tasered and threatened with death. Witnesses also claimed that the police engaged in a vicious Taser competition with Jenkins and Parker as the targets.

According to reports, the cruelty increased when officials waterboarded the detainees, a lethal interrogation technique that has been forbidden at the highest military levels. Police said Jenkins’ mother’s son “displayed a pistol,” but a witness has refuted this assertion.

Serious and maybe fatal injuries to Jenkins are present. He’s been left at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in severe condition, unable to talk and just able to write. He has undergone physical and psychological trauma that is likely to have long-term consequences.

The group of attorneys calling for justice, in this case, has a number of demands, one of which is that the implicated cops be detained and prosecuted with crimes. They are also urging the public release of all body camera videos.

Unfortunately, this distressing instance of police brutality is not an uncommon one. It took place about one week after Memphis, Tennessee police officers were accused of killing a Black driver who was unarmed during a traffic check.

Paul joined the Manchester Evening News in 2004 and Tosbos in 2022. A senior reporter, he's experienced in crime and court reporting - and also holds the defense portfolio.


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