‘The President Is Treated Like A Baby’: Joe Biden’s Press Staff ‘Stopped Him’ From Talking

During a press conference on his way back from the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, President Biden, 80, was abruptly interrupted and left the stage shortly afterward by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. The President has often faced criticism for his public speaking issues, especially from conservatives, including former President Donald Trump.

A prior gaffe where President Biden referred to Canada as China during an address to Canadian lawmakers earned him criticism from Trump, who branded him a “disaster.”

In response to questions in Hanoi, President Biden was discussing his recent conversation with China’s second-in-command, Premier Li Qiang, when he said, “We talked about stability. We talked about making sure that the third world, excuse me, the southern hemisphere, had access to change and access.

It wasn’t confrontational at all.” Press secretary Jean-Pierre then abruptly halted President Biden, stating, “Thank you everybody. This ends the press conference. Thanks, everyone.”

This incident occurred shortly after the release of Franklin Foer’s new book, “The Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future,” which provided insight into the Biden White House. Foer alleged that staff and aides treated the President “like a baby,” a claim initially denied by Jean-Pierre but seemingly contradicted later.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy mentioned that Biden had been working tirelessly after his arrival in Hanoi from India and expected the President to give a brief statement about the G20 Summit in India and his meetings with the Communist Party in Vietnam. Despite his fatigue, Doocy anticipated that President Biden would take at least a few questions.

President Biden himself mentioned that he followed the guidance of Jean-Pierre in selecting reporters to address, enabling him to “get a sense” of the media’s questions. However, this incident raises concerns among Democrats, with a recent CNN poll revealing that 56% of Democrats expressed serious concerns about the President’s physical and mental competence.

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