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Bidenomics Is Joe Biden’s Biggest Mistake Ever

Joe Biden might be looking to hitch his re-election bid on “Bidenomics”; however, some Democratic members of Congress in swing districts are not feeling the love from their constituents about it.

Joe Biden might be looking to hitch his re-election bid on “Bidenomics”; however, some Democratic members of Congress in swing districts are not feeling the love from their constituents about it.

They see costs for food, energy, and housing on the rise despite the overall reduction of inflation from 9% in June 2022. In 2019 inflation in the food sector stood at 1.8%. Today it stands at 4.9%.   

“Our plan—Bidenomics—is working. Because of the major laws and executive orders, I’ve signed—from the American Rescue Plan, the bipartisan infrastructure law, the Chips and Science Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, my executive orders on racial equity, and more—we’re advancing equity in everything we do making unprecedented investments in all of America, including for Black Americans,” Biden wrote in an op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post marking the 60th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington.

Dem Congressman: Focus on Real People Not Stale Talking Points

For New Hampshire Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas such self-congratulatory remarks run hollow for his constituents.

“It shouldn’t be about taking a victory lap on anything that has been done in the last several years,” Pappas told USA Today.

Democrats in Washington want their members to focus on pushing approved prepackaged talking points; however, Pappas is not following suit. They want Democrats to claim their legislative agenda has produced jobs and brought prosperity.

Pappas said he thinks it is best for him to stay “relevant to people’s day-to-day experiences.”

“There are positive signs when we’ve got the lowest unemployment rate in the nation here in New Hampshire, but there are challenges that come along with that too,” Pappas said. “It’s about having a realistic perspective, and you can’t do that unless you’re really grounded in people’s lived experiences.”

Americans Not Optimistic About the Economy

Presently, 36% of Americans think that Biden is doing a good job on the economy.

“Biden has repeatedly touted “Bidenomics” – the sweeping term he’s embraced for his White House’s spending and investment policies in contrast to a Republican “trickle-down” approach – as lifting the middle class by lowering costs and touted the country’s low unemployment rate.

But he has continued to receive poor approval ratings on the key issue, with some media outlets like the New York Times recently dinging the public for its ‘refusal to give him credit for the good economic news,’” Fox News Digital reported.

Jamie Clavett, a resident of Barrington, N.H., told USA Today that she and her husband are having a hard time making ends meet.

“When we had our second child we had to refinance our house to afford child care, and not even full-time care,” Clavet said. “And then when we had a third child we had to buy a new house to get a bigger house, and we are really burdened with the cost of the new house and life and child care.

“It’s so hard having a large family when you think about it financially. The cost of food has gone up, and I have two very good eaters and one soon-to-be very good eater. I don’t leave the grocery store for less than $300 a week, which is insane.” 

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