President Biden Responds to Impeachment Inquiry Amid Accusations of Government Shutdown Intentions

According to reports from Yahoo News on Thursday, September 14, 2023, President Joe Biden responded to accusations from Republicans who have called for his impeachment.

He suggested that their motives might be rooted in a desire to shut down the government.

This statement comes in the wake of the White House denouncing the impeachment inquiry as a “political stunt,” asserting that there is no concrete evidence against the President concerning his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

The primary focus of this impeachment inquiry revolves around whether President Biden gained any advantages from Hunter Biden’s business ventures.

Notably, President Biden recalled an earlier statement made by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right Republican known for her allegiance to former President Donald Trump.

Greene, upon her election to the US Congress, declared her intention to impeach President Biden, prompting him to remark, “I don’t know quite why, but they just knew they wanted to impeach me.

Now, the best I can tell, they want to impeach me because they want to shut down the government.”

Despite the mounting pressure and the ongoing impeachment inquiry, President Biden emphasized his commitment to his duties, stating, “I get up every day, not a joke, not focused on impeachment. I’ve got a job to do.”

The White House has attributed the initiation of the impeachment inquiry to the influence of Marjorie Taylor Greene, who reportedly pressured House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a prominent Republican figure.

McCarthy’s decision to order the impeachment inquiry set the stage for a prolonged period of contentious House hearings, potentially diverting attention from legislative efforts, such as passing spending bills and averting a government shutdown.

Additionally, the impending impeachment proceedings could inject further tension into the 2024 presidential race.

Former President Trump, who aims to avenge his 2020 election loss to President Biden, may seize upon this opportunity to rally his supporters and make a bid to return to the White House.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed the legitimacy of the impeachment inquiry, describing it as a politically motivated endeavor, stating, “This is an entire exercise of how to do this in an illegitimate way.

It is going after the president politically, not about the truth.”

Jean-Pierre also argued that Republicans have failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden, firmly asserting, “because the president didn’t do anything wrong.”

In light of these recent developments, it’s essential to understand the basis for the Republican impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

The investigation has primarily focused on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, with allegations that President Biden benefited from his son’s activities during his tenure as vice president from 2009 to 2017.

However, it’s worth noting that no concrete evidence of misconduct by President Biden himself has been uncovered.

Republicans have pointed to meetings between President Biden and Hunter Biden’s business associates during his vice-presidential term and have accused Hunter Biden of creating an illusion of access to his father.

Yet, these meetings did not involve any illicit business dealings, as confirmed by individuals like Devon Archer, a business associate of Hunter Biden.

Another aspect of the impeachment inquiry revolves around allegations that foreign payments were made to the Biden family.

However, an investigation found that most of these payments went to Hunter Biden, with no funds directed towards Joe Biden.

While serving as vice president, Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to remove its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, in alignment with the official policy of the Obama administration and international bodies due to concerns about corruption.

Republicans have alleged that Biden did so to protect Burisma and Hunter Biden from a possible corruption investigation.

However, government records and testimony from US foreign policy officials have contradicted these claims.

Additionally, Hunter Biden, who has faced legal issues, has been under federal investigation since 2019.

Still, allegations of political interference in the investigation have not been substantiated, as stated by US Special Prosecutor David Weiss and a former FBI agent involved in the case.

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