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Hunter Biden Could Be On Trial As Joe Biden Battles Donald Trump

After the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal on tax charges last month, it seems increasingly likely that President Joe Biden’s son will face a public trial.

However, lawyers for Hunter Biden argued in a recent court filing that a portion of their failed plea deal should still stand, as reported by The Washington Post.

According to these legal representatives, the judge’s approval was not necessary to handle a firearms possession charge through a diversion program.

They also claimed that federal prosecutors had deviated from the terms of the plea deal struck in June, which subsequently fell apart.

The use of diversion agreements typically involves cases with nonviolent defendants dealing with substance abuse issues. Unlike guilty pleas, these agreements are a direct negotiation between prosecutors and the defendant and don’t require a judge’s endorsement.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Christopher Clark, stated in the filing that his client intends to adhere to the terms of the Diversion Agreement executed during a hearing in July. He emphasized the validity of the bilateral agreement between the defendant, his legal team, and the United States.

Critics argue that the diversion agreement might still be connected to the criminal charges tied to Hunter Biden’s tax issues. Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney, suggested several possibilities for the plea deal’s derailment, ranging from miscommunication to changes in the prosecutor’s perspective.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss as a special counsel to oversee the case against Hunter Biden. This move could potentially lead to charges being filed outside of Delaware.

Despite ongoing investigations, Lowell expressed confidence that the conclusions reached in July remain valid and that no new evidence is likely to surface.

The case has sparked political controversy, with Republican lawmakers alleging a “sweetheart deal” for Hunter Biden. Additionally, an inquiry into Hunter Biden’s business dealings continues, along with questions about President Biden’s potential involvement during his time as vice president.

Whether new developments arise or not, the possibility of a trial remains, and President Biden could be campaigning for reelection while his son faces criminal prosecution. Should a rematch with former President Donald Trump occur in the upcoming election, both candidates will contend with their respective legal challenges, making the court of public opinion a significant factor.



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