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‘Desperate’: The Joe Biden Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ Is Just A Big Waste Of Time

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy intends to officially endorse an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. McCarthy characterizes this move as the “logical next step” to access bank records and other documents related to Joe and Hunter Biden’s business activities.

For weeks, McCarthy has hinted at the possibility of the House pursuing an impeachment inquiry, which would provide added legal authority to the House’s investigations into the Biden family. Such processes naturally take time.

However, up to this point, the House investigation has failed to yield concrete evidence of wrongdoing. It has, at times, built anticipation without delivering substantial revelations. For example, the recent testimony of Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former close associate, was highly anticipated but ultimately did not yield any major breakthroughs.

McCarthy seems to be joining in the suspense, suggesting that Republicans are uncovering new information about Biden regularly. This includes revelations about Biden’s use of pseudonyms in emails during his time as vice president. McCarthy argues that such discoveries raise questions that demand answers, emphasizing the importance of transparency for the American public.

It remains uncertain whether McCarthy has the necessary votes to initiate an impeachment inquiry. Not all Republicans are enthusiastic about such a move. Some centrists and politically exposed individuals are concerned that it could have unintended consequences.

For instance, Representative Ken Buck, a member of the hard-right Freedom Caucus, opposes impeachment, citing a lack of evidence linking President Biden directly to the issues surrounding Hunter Biden.

McCarthy’s motivations may also be influenced by his desire to appease discontented Republicans unhappy with his speakership. McCarthy’s ascent to the speakership was marred by a contentious process that left many House members dissatisfied and seeking opportunities to remove him. Initiating an impeachment inquiry could be seen as an attempt to pacify his critics and provide them with something to focus on.

Ultimately, the potential impeachment inquiry appears to be politically driven. Whether McCarthy’s goal is to placate House Republicans or disrupt President Biden’s reelection campaign, it raises questions about its true motivation—a perceived effort to uncover damning information about the president for political gain.



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