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Biden Gets Bad News About His Time as VP as Comer and Donalds Set Their Sights on Air Force Two

Two Republican members of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability are delving into official government travel records that could shed light on President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business activities during his vice presidency.

Byron Donalds from Florida and Chairman James Comer from Kentucky, both committee members, sent a letter to Archivist Colleen Shogan of the National Archives and Records Administration, outlining their request for specific documents. Their goal is to examine potential links between Biden’s actions and his son’s business deals during the Obama-Biden Administration.

Comer previously appeared on Newsmax TV‘s “National Report,” where he criticized Biden, labeling him as potentially “the most corrupt vice president in the history of America.” He questioned Biden’s transparency and cooperation with the committee’s inquiry, emphasizing that an innocent person would likely cooperate fully to clear their name.

Due to Biden’s lack of cooperation, Comer and Donalds are seeking “information regarding the use of Air Force Two by then-Vice President Biden’s family during the Obama-Biden Administration” from the National Archives.

The committee members’ request specifies that they are seeking all relevant documents and communications, including those from the Executive Office of the President, pertaining to certain Biden family members and associates. They are also requesting Air Force Two and Marine Two manifests for travel from January 20, 2009, to January 20, 2017, that include these individuals.

Additionally, they want documents related to security incidents on Air Force Two or Marine Two during the same period. Comer stated that the National Archives should provide this information to ensure transparency as demanded by the American people.

He emphasized that Democrats need to reconsider their support for Biden as mounting evidence, including his alleged use of pseudonyms when communicating with his son, Hunter, raises concerns about his actions. The potential for conflicts of interest and corruption during Biden’s tenure as vice president is becoming increasingly apparent, leading to questions about his integrity and his party’s continued defense of his actions.

The news release appears in its entirety below.

WASHINGTON — House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) and Representative Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) today are calling on the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to provide documents, communications, and manifests related to then-Vice President Biden’s misuse of Air Force Two and Marine Two.

“Then-Vice President Joe Biden abused Air Force Two by allowing his son to jet set around the world to sell ‘The Brand’ to enrich the Biden family. This is yet another example of then-Vice President Biden abusing his public office for his family’s financial gain. There must be accountability for this abuse of taxpayer-funded resources. We fully expect the National Archives to provide this information to the Oversight Committee so that we can provide the transparency that Americans demand and deserve,” said Chairman Comer.

Recent reporting indicates Hunter Biden traveled to at least 15 countries with then-Vice President Biden. The Oversight Committee has also learned that then-Vice President Biden met with at least one of Hunter Biden’s associates in Beijing while visiting on official business. NARA is the custodian agency of vice-presidential records, and the Oversight Committee seeks information regarding the use of Air Force Two by then-Vice President Biden’s family during the Obama-Biden Administration.

“The walls are closing in on the Biden Family due to consistent and diligent efforts by House Republicans who’ve followed the money, conducted meticulous interviews and hearings, and uncovered undeniable corruption. I am proud to partner with Chairman Comer on this latest undertaking to expose then Vice President Biden’s gross misuse of Air Force Two and Marine Two to benefit his family’s enterprise. The American people deserve to know how much their former Vice President and current President abused his power to shake down foreign governments and enrich his family to the tune of millions of dollars,” Congressman Donalds [said].



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