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Biden Draws Attention to Concerns About His Age After Forgetting Reporter’s Name at Press Conference

President Joe Biden did not provide any aid and comfort to voters who are increasingly concerned about his age at a recent public event during which he forgot the name of a reporter.

During a press conference in Woodside, Calif., amid talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Biden acknowledged that he was instructed to call on a reporter from CBS News but admitted he couldn’t remember the journalist’s name.

“I’m embarrassed,” Biden said, looking down at cue cards, which he frequently uses. “I think it’s CBS, but I can’t remember who at CBS. And I’m sorry.”

According to a White House transcript, the report was by CBS News’ Weijia Jiang.

A video montage of Biden put out by the Republican National Committee’s research division last week paints a disturbing picture of a commander-in-chief suffering from a worsening mental capacity.

The montage contains several clips of Biden mumbling and stumbling through sentences while, at other times, he appears to forget what he’s trying to say. Other clips show him confused and rambling.

Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, is now leading Biden in five of six battleground states, and by significant margins, as black voters switch parties and most others fret about the current president’s age.

“Trump leads Biden by a whopping 10 points in Nevada, six points in Georgia, five points in both Arizona and Michigan, and four points in Pennsylvania. Biden’s sole lead is in Wisconsin, where he beats Trump by two points,” Fox News reported, citing a New York Times-Siena College poll released earlier this month.

Biden beat Trump in each of those states in 2020. But now, combined, Trump leads Biden 48-44 percent in those states.

Fox News adds:

The polling attributes Biden’s poor showing to a devastating lack of confidence due to his age. Voters said they trusted Trump to better handle the economy, foreign policy, and immigration.

Trump’s performance also came thanks to unprecedented levels of support from black voters, with a record 22% of the demographic siding with him over Biden across the six states, according to NYT.

Trump currently holds a commanding lead in the 2024 Republican Presidential primary, with his closest competitors dozens of points below him.

“The Outlaws” podcast co-host Darvio Morrow took to the X platform to note that, according to the polling data, Trump got 22 percent of the black vote in the poll.

“Black voters — long a bulwark for Democrats and for Mr. Biden — are now registering 22 percent support in these states for Mr. Trump, a level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times,” he quoted the Times as saying.

“In a remarkable sign of a gradual racial realignment between the two parties, the more diverse the swing state, the farther Mr. Biden was behind, and he led only in the whitest of the six,” the Times added.

“A BRUTAL poll for Biden,” Morrow wrote in the post. “You’d have to go back to Richard Nixon in 1960 to see the last time a National Republican got anywhere close to those numbers with Black voters. Brutal, brutal poll. And if Team Trump are serious about locking these numbers in and making them stick, put policy on the table for Black voters and make sure you go out and campaign for every single Black vote.”



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