Disturbing Report: White House Coke Linked to ‘Biden Family Orbit’ Member, President Allegedly Aware

Explosive revelations have emerged concerning a bag of cocaine discovered within the White House’s West Wing last month, with implications potentially tied to someone within the “Biden family orbit.”

Soldier of Fortune publisher Susan Katz Keating disclosed this startling claim, relying on information from three undisclosed security sources, The New York Post reported on Tuesday, August 8.

Keating even texted a number connected to President Biden in a bid to uncover the truth behind the discovery.

While the Soldier of Fortune report has yet to be independently confirmed, the Secret Service has vehemently denied its allegations.

Keating’s account contradicts the Secret Service’s announcement on July 13 that the investigation was closed due to insufficient physical evidence, despite authorities reportedly having a name linked to the incident.

President Biden allegedly has knowledge of the identity.

Keating’s sources hinted at Biden’s awareness of the matter: “If you want the name, ask Joe Biden,” said one source, asserting that the president is privy to the information.

“He knows who it is.”

Another source mentioned that it wasn’t Hunter Biden, the president’s adult son who has previously struggled with drug addiction.

Keating attempted to verify her claims by texting a number provided by the White House, only to receive an automated response directing her to the Community messaging platform.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told The New York Post Tuesday that Soldier of Fortune’s claim that the agency identified the cocaine’s owner and then briefed the president “is false.”

“The Secret Service does not know who transported the small bag of cocaine into the White House,” Guglielmi said.

“Our investigation could not lead to a person of interest and there were no discernible fingerprints or DNA that could be recovered from the packaging.”

The discovery of the cocaine, which was found in a storage locker below the Oval Office, has generated shock and criticism from Republicans and Biden critics.

While the investigation’s swiftness and the lack of accountability have raised eyebrows, the allegations remain to be fully substantiated.

The incident adds a layer of controversy to the White House and underscores concerns about drug use within its premises. Cocaine, a Schedule II drug, is illegal under federal law, and its presence in the White House raises questions about security and accountability.

The White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre rebuked reports linking the cocaine to the Biden family. She emphasized that the Biden family was not present at the White House during the timeframe when the cocaine was found, reiterating that they were at Camp David during that period.

As the investigation continues to unfold, questions surrounding the circumstances and potential involvement of individuals within the “Biden family orbit” remain at the forefront of this developing story.

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