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Family Tradition: Here are All the Crimes We Know the Biden Family Has Committed

A recent report in the New York Post has shed light on a history of substance abuse and criminal activities within multiple generations of the Biden family, extending beyond Hunter Biden, who is often associated with such behavior.

According to the report, President Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, was arrested for marijuana possession during her time at Tulane University in 1999, although she did not face conviction. She was also accused of cocaine use at a house party ten years later, but no legal consequences followed. In 2002, she was involved in a brawl outside a bar in Chicago, resulting in an arrest for obstruction of a police officer, but the charges were dropped.

President Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, was held partially responsible for a drunk-driving accident in 1999 that resulted in a man’s death. He was ordered to pay the victim’s family nearly $1 million but had not fulfilled this obligation as of 2020. Frank Biden was also accused of stealing DVDs in 2003, but no prosecution took place. He faced drunk driving charges in 2003 and was arrested for driving with a suspended license in 2004, but he managed to avoid jail time through a rehabilitation program.

Caroline Biden, President Biden’s niece, has also had encounters with the law. In 2019, she was arrested for DUI and driving without a license after crashing her car into a tree. Pill bottles and drug use were discovered in her vehicle. Her arraignment was conveniently postponed until after the presidential election, and she received probation as a sentence.

In 2017, she faced charges for using a stolen credit card, but the felony conviction was dropped, and she pleaded guilty to petty larceny. Additionally, in 2013, she was booked for assaulting a police officer during a dispute over unpaid rent, but the case was dismissed after she agreed to anger management treatment, told Daily Mail.

Of course, Hunter Biden’s well-known struggles with drug addiction, alleged crack cocaine use, tax fraud, gun crimes, and accusations of influence peddling have made headlines. However, despite the evidence found on his abandoned laptop and numerous revelations, there is no record of him serving jail time for these activities.

The New Yorker article titled “The Untold History Of The Biden Family” by Adam Entous delves into the Biden family’s inclination toward illegal activities, extending beyond the current generations. It includes anecdotes from Hunter Biden about his childhood experiences with his father, Joe Biden. The article reveals that as a senator, Joe Biden would take Hunter and his brother, Beau, on exploratory drives through affluent neighborhoods, trespassing into vacant mansions through second-floor windows when the front doors were locked. If they encountered real estate agents, Joe Biden would charm them into granting impromptu tours.

The article also explores the relationship between Joe Biden Sr. and his cousin’s involvement during World War II, shedding light on their association with Arthur Briscoe, a business partner of Biden Sr. who was reputed to have connections to the mob. These incidents and revelations demonstrate a pattern of disregard for the law within the Biden family, and it raises questions about the family’s perception of themselves as being above the law.

Critics, such as George Washington University law professor [Name redacted], argue that the extended legal proceedings and relatively minor consequences for misdemeanors highlight the family’s ability to leverage Joe Biden’s public positions for personal gain through foreign influence peddling.

The report presents a twisted narrative of illicit dealings and a history of disregarding the law, ultimately culminating in the family’s ascent to the highest levels of American power. Turley’s comparison of the Bidens to the Medici family implies that their activities surpass those of mere small-time operators. This article appeared originally in The Western Journal.



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