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President Biden Faces Major Backlash for Ill-Timed Remark During Wildfire Visit in Maui

President Biden is under fire for a remark that has sparked significant controversy and backlash. The comment, delivered shortly after his arrival in the wildfire-ravaged region of Maui, has been criticized as “in poor taste” by detractors who see it as an inappropriate attempt at humor.

In a video shared by Greg Price, known for breaking news, Biden is seen engaging with first responders and petting a cadaver dog named Dexter in Lahaina. During the interaction, the president made a light-hearted comment about the cadaver dog’s boots, remarking, “You guys catch the boots out here? That’s a hot ground, man.”

Although Biden’s statement prompted smiles and laughter from the audience, many, particularly on social media, found his attempt at humor ill-suited, especially considering the president’s earlier delay in addressing the wildfire crisis.

Biden’s offhand remark coincides with comments made by Hawaii Governor Josh Green, who highlighted the challenges faced by search dogs involved in recovery operations due to their paws overheating in the hardest-hit areas.

Critics argue that Biden’s comment minimizes the gravity of the ongoing wildfires and displays a lack of sensitivity toward the tragic circumstances at hand.



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