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Biden Campaign’s New Ad Spotlights Affordable Care Act Amid Trump’s Repeal Talk

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is set to broadcast a new 60-second TV ad nationally and in key battleground states, emphasizing the administration’s commitment to reducing healthcare costs and prescription drug prices.

This move comes in response to former President Trump’s recent hints at repealing Obamacare. The ad, titled “Your Family,” features Judy, a pediatric nurse from Nevada, who expresses concerns about the policies of the previous administration, NBC News reports.

The Biden campaign aims to create a stark contrast between Biden’s healthcare plans and Trump’s, with a focus on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), covering over 40 million Americans. President Biden, during a visit to Pueblo, Colo., criticized Trump’s renewed intent to eliminate Obamacare, highlighting that millions of Americans rely on the ACA for their health insurance.

In response to Trump’s social media post declaring “Obamacare Sucks!!!” and expressing a desire for “MUCH BETTER HEALTHCARE,” President Biden challenged Trump’s lack of a concrete replacement plan.

The new ad, “Your Family,” will air during primetime in key cities such as Phoenix, Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, Raleigh, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee, as well as on national cable news programs like The Voice, Survivor, and Bachelor in Paradise.

The Biden campaign has strategically focused on healthcare throughout the week, emphasizing issues like pre-existing conditions and underscoring the positive impact on communities of color under the current law.

Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez emphasized Biden’s commitment to lowering costs and expanding healthcare access, positioning it as a marked contrast to Trump’s approach, which could jeopardize coverage for millions.



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